June 10, 2023

Kaduna state Polytechnic security guards locked down the school gates as they embark on an industrial strike today 17th August 2017. Inside Arewa learned that all the schools campus gate were closed and students are not allowed in to the school premises as all lectures had to be canceled at the time of filing this report. 

Abdullahi Mahuta a Student Union Excos in Kaduna state Polytechnic KadPoly shared this on Facebook :

We are now in the game of strike as Security guards of kaduna polytechnic started Strike today because school management hold there 3 month salary. They close all the entries of Kadpoly Main Campus. No Entry no exit until the management do something today. Hmmm! I dont know how to discribe this after we paid school fees. Plz lets share this for the whole world to see this

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