December 3, 2022

Maimuna Abubakar popularly known as Momee Gombe had stayed away from granting interviews on her relationship with fast-rising star, Hamisu Dorayi, known in the music world as Hamisu Breaker. She told ALIYU ASKIRA in this interview that there is nothing to tell the public about her closeness with Hamisu Breaker. She opened up on her relationship with Hamisu Breaker, how she came to Kannywood, how her marriage broke up and her future plans.

To start with, who is Maimuna Abubakar otherwise known as Momee Gombe?

I am not interested in a very deep interview that will open the opportunity for other inquisitive reporters to start investigating my past, but I prefer going straight to the reason I accepted to grant you this interview.

Okay, before we hit the nail on the head, let me start with what will appear as a compliment. You are tall, slim, very attractive and easy going, are these some of the reasons you easily made it to stardom?

Thank you very much, all that you said are your observations about me, but if that is the opinion of the general public about Momee Gombe then I have nothing to say other than to thank my creator for giving me all these qualities.

Do you by chance know one Hamisu Dorayi or Hamisu Breaker?

I have know Hamisu Breaker for a very long time as a family friend; in fact, he is a very close friend to my former husband and when my marriage broke up, he assisted me a lot to join Kannywood and I had an easy ride.

To have an easy ride as in what? I asked this because within the industry some people think that you have passionate desire for him; that was why you terminated your marriage so that you and Hamisu Breaker can be in each other’s arms unhindered.

This rumour has been there for a very long time, but take it from me, he is my close colleague, close friend, somebody who assisted me for my career to be successful and there are many ladies that will wish to be in my position meaning that they will be happy to displace me in Hamisu Breaker’s mind or project. But we are not lovers, some talked about some romantic pictures we took together. Hamisu Breaker’s music is mostly about love and society and as such, we play to the tunes of the music; nothing more, nothing else.

Recently, one of President Muhammadu Buhari’s daughters, Hanan, invited Hamisu Breaker to perform during her wedding, and there were reports that she gave him money and a vehicle worth N20 million, and that that is why some of you are flocking around him. What’s your reaction to that?

Well, I am aware he was invited to perform during Hanan’s wedding at the Villa, and honestly I am very happy for him because there are senior guys in the music world that made serious impact before Hamisu. But he was the one that was invited, the particular music he sang for them at the occasion was the one that featured he and me, and it was the one that gave him a breakthrough. Of course, I will be immensely happy had it been I was invited alongside him but the truth is that I am still happy for him. And about the money and vehicle, that is personal to Hamisu Breaker and I don’t have a take in it.

Talking about hanging around him because of his recent fortune, I know Hamisu when he was a nobody, and I know him or I’m still with him now that he is climbing the stardom so fast, but since you are active in the social media, you will notice that I have created a niche for myself, I have a reservoir of friends all over Nigeria and beyond, as such, I am working hard not to be left behind.

If your former husband begs you to return to him now that you are famous and a star, will you go back?

Well, it is the desire of every grown up woman to be happily married; in my own case, it was my former husband who woke up one day and asked me to pack out of his house. In other words, he is the one that rejected me and now that destiny is kind to me, I am having the best of time in my career; I intend to be a producer, singer, fashion designer and later go back to school to pick up a degree.


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