August 11, 2022

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Oyinda agreed to clear Bimpe’s name in a press conference. Bimpe went all out in organizing the press conference. She invited top bloggers, vloggers and newsmen to the press conference. The conference was held in the courtyard of Cytron Company. Bimpe waited for Oyinda to arrive before she went out, but Oyinda did not come at the time she should. Her heart began to tremble.

Bimpe: “This is going to be the worst, to be stood up” she muttered as they walked up and down her office. Her secretary did well to stay clear from her path because when she was in this mood, she could turn on anybody. She had sacked an employee once, when she was in this mood. But Barrister Demba was with her, Bimpe had discussed the offer, she offered Oyinda, but he had his doubts to the feasibility of this plan. So he was already prepared for the case. His only fear was that, Bimpe could be handing ammunition to Oyinda to harm her, she was giving her a stage and there was no telling what Oyinda would say. After a long wait, in which the pressmen were beginning to get impatient and some were packing up to leave, Bimpe came out of the company premises, with Oyinda in tow.

Bimpe: “Welcome everyone to this press conference. The purpose of this conference is to clear my name. By whatever reason, I was wrongly accused of the death of my husband, but today I am happy to say, that the one other person who saw the incident is here to tell the truth, and clear me from any wrong doing. The murderer is still out there” she said and paved the one for Oyinda to come to the microphone and talk.

Oyinda: “My stepmother did not kill my father, she is innocent, my brother did, he killed my father, but it was not intentional, he meant to…” People began to boo and jeer at her. She could not continue because they were throwing slurs at her. At this time, Bimpe should have taken her off the stage, but she wanted her to complete. More importantly, she wanted her to name her brother as the murderer.

Brian was sitting in his hideout watching the television, he was happy about the development, if Bimpe was convicted for the murder of his father, he could easily take back what he deserved. He loved his sister more for standing for him, he had not finished the thought when the press conference came up live on LVH1, he saw Bimpe and he saw Oyinda coming up behind her.

Brian: “What is going on here?” he thought to himself, his mind refused to accept the fact that his sister would turn on him. His hopes were dashed when Bimpe announced that her name would be cleared. Then his sister began to talk and his world crumbled.

Brian: “Oyinda! Oyinda!” he sneered through clenched teeth. He pulled up his hood on his sweatshirt and stepped out of his hideout. He was going to pay his sister a visit.

After the crowd quieted down, Bimpe urged Oyinda to continue her speech; the latter turned and looked at her thoughtfully.

Oyinda: “She is enjoying this; she wants me to finger Brian publicly. We’ll see about that” she flipped her hair to one side and adjusted the microphone closer to her mouth.

Oyinda: “All I just said is a lie. Bimpe forced me to say this, she bribed me, that she would give me my inheritance if I cleared her name and finger my brother instead. My brother Brian was and still is out of the country on the day of the incident. How much she bribe me with my own inheritance, is it not my property? I have to say the truth even if it means that she will keep all of my father’s properties, it doesn’t matter. The murderer of my father, Chief Bamigboye is none other than Bimpe, and she must be sent to jail.” She said and walked away quickly, afraid for her life. She kept turning left right and backwards to make sure Bimpe had not sent anyone after her.

Barrister Demba: “We have to leave now” he pulled her arm but she was pulling back, she wanted to say her side of the story.

Bimpe: “They have to hear me, I did not kill Chief Bamigboye, I did not” she wailed. Barrister Demba succeeded in taking her away from the venue of the conference, back into the company’s premises. The conference was televised on many television channels, people began to remember the murder of Alhaji, and the tag “Black widow” appeared more on television.

Bimpe: “I want another conference”

Barrister Demba: “Enough of the conferences, this plan was bad from the onset, your priority is to win the case, not win public opinion. Public opinion does not matter”

Bimpe: “What is the way forward?”

Barrister Demba: “It is obvious that the police have no evidence other than Oyinda’s testimony, we have to attack her authenticity. Do not worry; everything is going to be fine”

Oyinda was in the big mansion all alone, she had on her night robe, but she could not sleep. She kept seeing the visuals of her father lying in his own pool of blood. She blamed Bimpe for everything, and swore that she would make sure she is convicted for her father’s murder. She was lost in thought she didn’t realize somebody else was in the living room with her. Till he gripped her neck, she tried to scream, but the sound was killed in her throat.

Brian: “You traitor, how could you do that to me?” he lifted her from the couch and threw her to the floor.

Oyinda: “Brian, what have I done to you that you want to kill me as you killed father”

Brian: “I saw you on television today, you …”

Oyinda: “Yes I was and I regret throwing Bimpe under the bus for you”

Brian: “I don’t understand, you cleared Bimpe’s name, didn’t you?”

Oyinda: “You probably watched the beginning and had no patience for the latter part. I did that to make things worse for her, have you read the news recently, people think she bribed me to say that, they think the worst of her. People already believe she is guilty, you are free. The police will never know. Only me know who killed father.” Brian embraced her and thanked her.

Oyinda: “How do we get our possession back?”

Brian: “Patience, sister. The first step is to get her to prison, if we succeed in that, every other thing is a cake walk”

The solicitor in charge of Chief Bamigboye’s estate fixed a date for the reading of the will; Bimpe went and told him that the day in question was not convenient for her. She knew she was a principal element and the will would not be read in her absence. This infuriated the children so greatly, that they couldn’t wait for the case to begin, so they would testify against Bimpe. One day, a day to the trial, Bimpe went to the house to pack her belongings, she had not lived in the house since Chief died. When she opened the door, she stumbled because fear consumed her, there, staring at her, was Brian.

Bimpe: “You?”

Brian: “Yes me, what are you doing here, murderer?”

Bimpe: “Oh my God, have you guys told this lie so often that you actually believe it?”

Brian:”What are you doing here?”

Bimpe: “I live here, in fact, I own this house since you killed your father. I would have kicked you guys out, but I am not in the mood, but don’t test me” she said and walked away, taking tentative steps up the stairs.


The day of the trial saw a full courthouse, like the time of the murder of AlhajiDambazzau. People trudged to the courthouse, both pressmen and ordinary citizens.Bimpe dressed in a midi peach colored dress. She sat in the defense section with her lawyer Barrister Demba. Oyinda walked into the courtroom and sat on the other side of the room, eyeing Bimpe all the way to her seat.

Court official: “The defendant should stand” Bimpe stood up, she felt a sense of déjà vu. The last time she was in the courthouse, she was a witness, today she was a defendant.

Court official: “How do you plead?”

Bimpe: “Not guilty” she replied

Court official: “The court calls the prosecuting counsel to call its first witness”

The prosecutor stood up and called Oyinda out to the witness stand.

Prosecutor: “You witnessed the murder of Chief Bamigboye, do you see the murderer in the court room?”

Oyinda: “That is her, the murderer is Bimpe” she pointed straight to Bimpe, who looked at her, her face devoid of any emotion or expression.

Prosecutor: “What did she kill your father, with?”

Oyinda: “A pistol” she replied. The prosecutor had the remote to a projector, so he displayed the picture of the pistol found at the crime scene.

Prosecutor: “How did it happen?”

Oyinda: “I was upstairs in my room when I heard shouts, it was Bimpe’s voice, she was screaming at my dad, she was angry, I could not hear what she was saying, I rushed downstairs just at the moment she pulled the trigger. My dad fell, with blood spurting out of the bullet hole, and she just threw the gun and stared at my dad, she did not do anything, she was so heartless.” She began to sob. It was easy for her to cry because she missed her dad and he was dead, never to return. Many who watched her cry could feel her grief, and they hated Bimpe the more. She was the face of villainous.

Prosecutor: “No further questions” he said and went back to his seat. Barrister jumped out the moment, the prosecutor got to his seat.

Barrister Demba: “Miss Bamigboye, you say that Bimpe held the gun and shot your father point blank?”

Oyinda: “yes she did, I saw her”

Barrister Demba: “But analysis of the finger prints on the gun has been compared with the defendant’s finger prints, and there was no match. Here is exhibit A” he brought out papers from his folder and gave to the court clerk and the judge, he also displayed it on the projector, for all to see.

Oyinda(stuttering): “I only know what I saw, and she held the gun”

Barrister Demba: “Was she wearing hand gloves?”

Oyinda: “I don’t know, I cannot tell”

Barrister Demba: “Were you Jealous that a lady that was once your classmate was now your stepmother?”

Prosecutor: “Objection, speculation”

Judge:”sustained. Counsel, if you have no more questions, save our time”

Barrister Demba: “No further questions” he said and went back to his seat, with a sly grin. Bimpe looked at him and wondered what was amusing in this situation.

Prosecutor: “I call Bimpe to the stand”

Question: Do you think the prosecutor has laid a trap for Bimpe, by calling her to the stand? Also, why was Bimpe’s lawyer smiling in such a tight situation. Does he have an ace up his sleeve?

To be continued on 3rd May

Names have been changed to protect the identity of the narrator and other individuals in the story.
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