March 28, 2023

To the Nigerian muslims and muslims world over, I say EID-MABROOR, I wish you all a blessed, a peaceful and prosperous Eid-l- kabir.

I must also add that Eid is a time for all of us to thank God almighty for the life we live, for the health we enjoy, for our country, for the rainfall, for the harvest, for the sunshine, for the family we have, for the air we breath and for the numerous challenges we surmounted during the time past.

We might not have had it as planned but to survive to celebrate Eid is not by our design but by the Lord who showed mercy upon us, so we thank Allah for his mercies.

While we celebrate Eid, let us take time off, to reflect on our past mistakes, misdeeds and the plight of those less privileged than us, below everyone of us there are always some others down there, while we should also work smarter and harder to climb higher on the ladder of success, don’t forget those who are lying down in the graves, on the hospitals beds and at their various homes, sick! Pray for them, feed them and cloth them, that is the essence of Eid -l-kabir, feed orphans, help the needy, pray for self and show mercy upon the weaker ones among us.

As nation we are movig, we are not where we started in 1960, even though slowly, we are moving, but glaringly noticeable is that unity is in short supply, we need to redouble our prayers for peace and unity, we see the physical but only prayers can heal the spiritual. That is Eid, wishing for peace, praying for peace and working for peace. Allah (swt) said in the quran:

سَلَامٌ قَوْلًا مِّن رَّبٍّ رَّحِيمٍ

Peace, a word from a Merciful Lord.

Surah Ya Seen 36:58.

As we go about the Eid celebration, reach out to others, extend brotherly and sisterly hand of friendship, Pray for peace, pray for progress and never give up.

May our prayers be answered and may our dear nation be great in peace and prosperity. Happy Eid-l-Kabir

Aliyu Muhammad Auwal 

CEO Inside Arewa 

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