June 10, 2023

From the ongoing protest of Kaduna primary school teachers, Kaduna state governor and Speaker Kaduna HoA shared a sample of answer sheet scripts from the just concluded competency test:

We are putting these out in the court of public opinion for Nigerians to make their verdict. Here are some of the primary 4 competency test scripts conducted for primary school teachers in Kaduna State.

These are the answer sheets from the unqualified primary school teachers. Is this how we shall continue? To allow our kids who are in public schools get tutored by teachers like this? Let’s be fair to ourselves.

5/20? 2/20? Coming from teachers who are supposed to pass knowledge to our kids? Leaders of tomorrow? Would you allow someone like this teach your child? If it was a doctor, would you allow him treat your child or you? Common!

As Legislators, we shall always defend the interests of every citizen,either rich or poor,if the rich can get good education in private schools,our poor deserve good education too in our public schools,and we shall ensure that by getting qualified teachers not this 

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