March 28, 2023

From…. Bashir Ibrahim Dabo

The landmark commissioning of the OLAM Integrated Poultry and Feed Mill by President Muhamm adu Buhari in Kaduna earlier today heralded with a sad episode. It was reported by different individuals on this platform that our revered Emir of Zazzau, Alhaji Dr. Shehu Idris, CFR was denied entry. In any case, and regardless of the circumstances, this is sad and unfortunate.

That being said, anybody familiar with presidential protocol will not be overly surprised with what actually happened today. To start with, there is no Governor that has any iota of security control over any event the President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces is gracing – regardless of the location within the geographical terrain that made up the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

When the news broke out on social media, as expected, emotions were understandably very high by both friends and foes of the government and Zazzau Emirate alike. But in moments like this, the most pertinent question to ask is – WHY? This is what slow thinkers do. But fast thinkers will make their judgements quickly without connecting the dots.

Larry King after anchoring ‘Larry King Live’ on CNN for 25 solid years, concluded that the most difficult question to ask is ‘WHY?’

So why would Governor Nasir el-Rufai having invited His Highness, Sarkin Zazzau, a man of character and grace deny him access to the event that earned him recognition even in absentia?

But when mischief is scarce for political entrepreneurs, they capitalize on anything they lay their dirty hands on to gain cheap scores. Most of these characters have no genuine love for the Emir. And without fear of being contradicted, I am closer to High Highness and his family that most of the people feigning love and reverence to him. My father and Sarkin Zazzau had a relationship that started even before the Emir was turbaned as Wakilin Office in the 1950s. Secondly, we are in-laws, as my elder brother Alhaji Idris Dabo has five children with the Emir’s daughter. Dr. Shehu Idris Dabo is the eldest while Abdulazeez Idris Dabo being the youngest. Thirdly, Therbow School Zaria was another ground that cemented our relationship with the Emir’s children. We would leave and return for school in the same school bus with them. We were and still very close. So in my own right, I can claim close affinity with Mai Martaba and his family.

At the heat of the controversial episode, I came across posts saying the Emir of Zazzau was denied access but Emir of Kano that arrived after Sarkin Zazzau had left was allowed in. Well, that’s partially true. It’s true that having waited for very long time and after very tensed moments between the state government security team and that of the Villa, Emir of Kano eventually gained access to the event after our Emir had left. Alhaji Bashir el-Rufai, the Governor’s elder brother was equally denied access too. Nothing was planned. Sometimes, the villa security can be overzealous.

The Villa Security team justified their action by saying the C-in-C’s Presidential Chopper was about to land and therefore wouldn’t allow anybody entrance into the venue at that time. And unfortunately, His Highness’s vehicle had a tyre failure on his way to the event from Abuja as Auwal Magaji revealed, hence his slight lateness.

When the Governor learnt of the incident, he personally rushed out to clear His Highness. But unfortunately, he had already detoured. But he rang His Highness to personally apologise as confirmed by Dan Isan Zazzau, Alhaji Umar Shehu Idris Garba Auwal Idima . The President has been duly informed about the unfortunate incident too.

To the best of my knowledge, this is what transpired.

What I find difficult to understand is the imaginary war that exists between the Governor and the Emir! This war only exist within the figment of imagination of whoever nurses this puerile thought.

2015 election is gone. Some of us that supported Malam Nasir el-Rufai’s candidature were labeled as ‘anti-emirate’. Others that supported the Alh. Mukhtar Ramalan Yero were seen as the darlings of the emirate. How gullible and illogical. Those that find joy in joining politics with sarauta should be cautious of its implications.

Allah shi kyauta gaba.

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