June 29, 2022

Obinna met Tasneem on a dating app. He was nice to her, said really nice things to her and she agreed to hang out with him. They hung out a number of times and they grew to have feelings for each other. Their love blossomed, leading to an invitation to his family house. Just to “spend some time”he said.

When you truly love someone, you’ll always find yourself sexually attracted, but Obinna understood there’s a time for everything so he didn’t push for it, stole a couple of kisses here and there which was harder to avoid but nothing fully sexual. As their love grew so did the cultural tension. Tasneem was always worried that she and Obinna were worlds apart. Because she was Fulani and from a humble background whilst he is catholic, from a wealthy igbo background.

Obinna tried on multiple occasions to prove to her that love can conquer all and that his parents were progressive enough to accept her and even if they are not happy, they would allow him to make his own decisions on who he would marry. Tasneem unconvinced, disappeared and lost contact with Obinna.

What’s meant to be will be right? A little while later, he got to find her again through social media and got to know later on that she had gotten pregnant and had given birth to a beautiful boy. Progressively, the two rekindled their friendship.

Cautiously, while Obinna was still enthusiastic on being friends with Tasneem, he was still hurt by her sudden disappearance and now has a child. It’s difficult for him to accept her completely because of her baby and because she broke his heart completely by disappearing from his life.

Eventually, Obinna got into another relationship with Kehinde from Edo state and now Tasneem is telling him that she loves him with all her heart and Obinna says that she can’t say that. He reminded her of what she did and how she left him. But he tells her, he still wants to be her friend. Tasneem tells him that she can’t be friends with him and they should not talk if they are not going to be in a relationship with one another.

What should Obinna do?

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