March 25, 2023

This story is inspired by true life events!

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My name is Fareedah but people called me Reedah to match the fashionable way I dressed.  I was 24 years old when I met my former husband who was young lecturer then, named Ibrahim at a food joint in the school campus that’s college of education Gombe. I was a final year student then. I was having a chit chat  with my friends when Ibrahim overheard our conversation, I was telling a friend that sat next to me that Ibrahim looked like my ex boy friend. Ibrahim just smiled and asked one of my course mate to call me. I was furious but I had no option than to answer him. He said to me ” I heard your conversation, but if you will give me a chance I promise u , I will make u realize that there are Ibrahims that are better than your ex”. The next day I was coming out of the lecture theatre when a friend of mine shouted my name and said Mallam Ibrahim has sent for you, and my reply was “What for?”  and he replied  ” He instructed that we should go together “.

So I followed him, and that was the beginning of our relationship I accepted him without hesitation and we were both in love.

Mallam Ibrahim was really good looking so many ladies felt over heels in love with him, and so it was a kind of difficult to cope with but had to manage since am in love with him. After several months passed by. I told him my parents will like to see him which he obediently came and made his intention known.

After the formal introduction his friend came and advice me to forget about Ibrahim. I was puzzled but all the same I asked “why?” and he gently replied by saying “there is problem” and I asked what the problem is. He just offered me a seat and said after I settled down on the chair he offered. “Reedah Ibrahim has impregnated a student of his department”. Despite that I was very shocked but to be honest I didn’t believe a word of what his friend told me and all efforts to convince me proved abortive so he had no choice than to let me be.

On a Monday morning I went straight to Ibrahim’s department and narrated everything to him but Ibrahim denied everything and I never doubted him because I was so much in to him. Two weeks later date was fixed for our wedding. I was very worried about why Ibrahim was rushing everything about the wedding unknown to me ,he was also sued to court by the parents of the girl he impregnated.

The wedding events started on a Wednesday and Alhamdulillah ba laifi an kashe kudi.I later realized weeks before the wedding I noticed Mallam Ibrahim was not using his car, unknown to me he sold his car. Hmmmm beginning of my problems, from there he made me sell my Gold jewelries and lots more. I stopped seeing him regularly; it was one excuse or the other. Two months later I took in and morning sickness took over me and had to be hospitalized. By the to my utter dismay Mallam Ibrahim could not even settle the hospital bill, my brother had to pay every dime of it.

Eight months later, I put to bed a bouncing boy. Alhamdulillah!!! The following day I lost the baby and I cried as if that was the end of my life, I was taken home for proper care the usual Northern way.  l returned home after a month and the following month I conceived again. I delivered after nine months with serious complications my baby had total brain damage I was shattered and was thinking of how I will cope with the situation. we started running from one hospital to another ,my world was upside down. Mallam was fed up already at that time.

We were always picking quarrel, as time passes by my daughter Maryam was 4 years but she looked like a 6 months old baby, her stopped coming home he left us all by ourselves. I became sick and I was diagnosed with a heart problem, I needed a helping hand and Mallam Ibrahim was not ready to lend a helping hand so I asked to be returned to my parent’s’.

He obliged and took me back to my parent’s house but he didn’t show up not even once. My brother who was a lawyer suggested that he should be sued. We did as he instructed us, he was at the court the following week and he gave me saki daya without any ado. I was heartbroken broken but just had to move on and concentrate my daughter. She is now 11years old; she can neither sit nor talk and am still battling with my health. But I always I pray to Allah grant me and my daughter good health. Ameen. I have learnt that not all loves were meant to last and stand the trials of life. Not all men could hold your hands and led you away from darkness to light. I also learned the hardest lesson now I know that all that glitters is not gold.

All Thanks to Hafsat Sani, Barr Mariya


Names have been changed to protect the identity of the narrator and other individuals in the story.

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