July 7, 2022

Kano court sentences mastermind of missing children, Paul Owne to104 years in prison


The Mastermind of the Kano Missing Nine Children, Paul Owne, has been sentenced to 104 years imprisonment, for stealing and selling the Children in per away Anambra State.


Passing the Judgement the Kano High Court Judge, Justice Zuwaira Yusuf, sentenced Paul Owne to 104 years in addition with the fine of the sum of N100,000 without option fine for conspiring among his 6 others accomplice to kidnapped many children who were under 10 years from kano and sold them at Onitsha in Anambra state.


Justice Zuwaira Sentenced the convict after he pleaded guilty to all the 38 Count Charges slammed against him by Kano State Government


Delivering the Judgment Justice Yusuf categorised the offences according to 3 classifications and at the end slammed the sentenced on him.


The first category accordingly, the court upheld that convict was found guilty in count 2, 8, 9, 2, 27 and 34 She convicted him to 7 years each without option of fine in addition with the sum of N100,000 fine


Similarly, the court found Paul guilty in count 3, 5, 10, 11, 22, 28 and 38 head count he was sentenced to 7 years


While in the last category Justice Yusuf said the action of Paul was in contravention of count 4, 12, 13, 29 and 38, she therefore convicted him to 4 years on each count without option of fine.


She ordered that all the count shall run conservatively


The convicted person was arraigned before the court alongside his 5 other defendants who pleaded not guilty to all the charges read over to them namely:

Where Ogbono

Emanuel Igwe

Loise Duru

Monica Oracha

Chinelo Ifedigwe.

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