May 31, 2023


The Chairman of the National Caretaker Committee (NCC) of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Senator Ahmed Makarfi has prayed for quick recovery for ailing President Muhammadu Buhari, saying that the party wanted him to be the one it would defeat in 2019.

Speaking at the non-elective national convention of the party in Abuja on Saturday, he affirmed that PDP was already the government in waiting.

He said: “We mean well for our President. We continue to pray for his full recovery. We want him to be fit and on seat when we will defeat the APC government come 2019.

“We will continue to pray for him but that doesn’t mean we will go to sleep. We will work hard to replace the APC government, come 2019 God willing.”

Makarfi said not being an alliance but a party with strong bond among its members; the party has much experience and has much to offer the country.

He said the PDP was a truthful party to Nigerians which would not engage in deception, adding that Saturday’s event was an affirmation that the PDP was poised to recapture power in 2019.

The party boss observed that the APC has brought hunger and starvation to the country while insecurity has increased many folds.

He told the delegate statement: “Nigerians may wonder, what has PDP got. Well, what are you getting now? Are you not hungry? Are you not jobless? Are you not insecure? My God! Pray for PDP to come back.

“Kidnapping is part of insecurity and it has spread across the length and breadth of this country and it’s because of joblessness.”

According to him, students were crying over hike in tuition fees even when money was scarce.

He therefore promised that when the PDP returns to power, it would consider a Students Loan Scheme to alleviate their sufferings.

“There will be no hunger because there will be plenty to eat. There may be plenty in the market but you have zero cash in your pocket. Under PDP, there will be cash in your pocket because you have earned the cash,” Makarfi added.


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