June 6, 2023

Indigenous students today held a solidarity rally to show support for the education policy of the Government M. A. Abubakar led administration. The students in their thousands came to Government House Bauchi to express gratitude for the various policies implemented so far to roll back the rot in the education sector of the state. They were received by Gov. Abubakar himself.
The event which was facilitated by the SA Students’ Affairs to the Governor Najimudeen Garba, saw different Student leaders commended the current administration for being pro-education. They mentioned specifics like the accreditation of courses, upgrade of tertiary institutions, construction of classrooms, sponsorship of scholarship schemes, prompt payment of bursary to mention a few, despite low allocations and lack of resources. The Student leaders said Gov. Abubakar is the only governor in Nigeria to have allocated over 20% of the annual budget to education according to UNESCO standards, doing it not once but twice. They pledged their support for the current Buhari led Federal and Abubakar led State governments.

Responding in an animated and passionate manner, Gov. Abubakar said that education is the only way to turn around the state for the long term, hence his active investment in the sector. He urged the students to study hard and effect positive change to justify the faith placed on them by their parents and the government, adding that his administration is willing to sponsor to the highest level brilliant students from the state. He also pledged to continue giving a listening ear to students and youths, as they hold the key to a progressive Bauchi. The Governor thanked them for the reaffirming their support for the APC led Federal and State governments.

Shamsuddeen Lukman Abubakar 

SA Communications to His Excellency the Governor of Bauchi State

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