August 16, 2022

Governor Nasir Ahmad El-Rufa’i of Kaduna State has praised his Commissioner of Internal Security and Home Affairs, Mr.Samuel Aruwan,describing him as a young man full of energy who works round the clock.

While speaking in Kaduna during the quarterly zonal meeting of Directors of Department of State Services,the Governor said that he appointed Aruwan as the maiden Commissioner of Internal Security and Home Affairs in the state because he has a reliable number of informants across-the state.

Accordingto him, “Samuel Aruwan said I picked a journalist to do this job, I did so not because he is a journalist but because I had seen in our first term of office, the energy he has, the number of informants he has across the State.”

“As you know, journalists can either be reliable informants or rumour mongers, he happens to be one of those with reliable network of informants across the State.”

“I am sure the energy that he has brought into his job, the support that he has given to the security agencies, including supplementing human intelligence on the ground on the activities of criminals, is well appreciated by all our security agencies. “

“Samuel does not sleep, and this job is not for an old man, he is a young man. What we have seen with the Ministry of Internal Security and Home Affairs is that just getting a few dedicated people that are concerned about safety and security of our citizens and are willing to provide whatever support is needed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to the security agencies, can lead to major improvements,” he said.

“In our first term of office, security management was under the Office of the Secretary to the State Government, this is the structure in most States of the Federation.But we found that the Secretary to the State Government is extremely busy. The Secretary to the Cabinet has about three or four Permanent Secretaries reporting to him and not enough attention is being given to the security management.”

“This is why in our second term of office, we created the Ministry of Internal Security and Home Affairs as a ministry in the Governor’s Office to coordinate internal security as well as provide support to the security agencies.”

“I know our state is not where it should be in terms of internal security but I do not want to even imagine how bad things would have been without the Ministry of Internal Security and Home Affairs.

“So I want to recognise and commend Samuel for a job well done, and I want to also assure the SSS as well as all the other security agencies that we will not relent in continuing to support our Armed Forces, our Police, all the Paramilitary Agencies as well as the SSS,” El-Rufai said.

A former Bureau Chief in Kaduna of the Leadership and Blueprint newspapers,Samuel Aruwan
was the Senior Special Assistant to Governor El-Rufai on Media and Publicity before the Governor
appointed him in 2019 as the first Commissioner of Internal Security and Home Affairs in Kaduna state.

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