March 22, 2023

Three Kano State students, Lukman Abu Lukman (23), Khalifa SA (24) and Anwar AH (17) have been arrested and detained for alleged conspiracy and killing of a Nigerian national resident in Egypt who specialises in the training of internet fraudsters popularly referred to as yahoo boys.
The three students are amongst the hundreds of Kano indigenes sponsored by the former administration of Dr Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, now a serving senator to various higher institutions abroad including Egypt for further studies.
Sometimes this year, the authority of AL Mansoura University, Egypt where the students are studying conducted various assessments on standing of the students in the institution. At the end of the exercise, the institution’s Authorities it was learnt wrote to the government of Dr Abdullahi Ganduje, who succeeded Kwankwaso in office,intimating it that thirty seven of the students could not continue with their academic pursuit on ground of poor performances as well as their passion for social activities.
On receipt of the letter from the institution in Egypt by the State Government, Governor Umar Abdullahi Ganduje reportedly directed that further verification about the issue be carried out to know the correct situation. This necessitated some officers of the government travelling to Egypt to meet with the students, their agents and the institution’s authorities.
After confirming the reality on ground, the government instructed that the students be allowed to return home with the hope to finding another place for them in Nigeria.
This decision it was learnt was promptly communicated to the parents of the affected students, but when they were contacted by government officials to receive the return tickets for their children, the issue became politicised.
It was learnt that the former governor of the state, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso out of anxiety traveled to Egypt, met with the concerned students and assured them of making ways for them if he returned to power.
While the students were waiting for what they hope will be a reprieve, two of the 37 affected students met with a Nigerian fraudster named Onyeme Loveday AKA 2shay in Egypt. According to report, one of the students asked Onyeme to train him on Advanced Fee Fraud and Onyeme accepted his request on the condition that after the training, he should be offered a Hausa lady as compensation.
However, after the training, the student from the university failed to fulfil the condition as agreed and this resulted in a serious heated argument between Onyeme and the student who was later joined by two of his other colleagues.
During the cause of the argument, Onyeme allegedly brought out knife to stab one of the student, but the trio students overpowered him and in the process murdered him as alleged. They were subsequently arrested and detained for conspiracy and culpable homicide and are presently cooling off at a detention facility in Egypt awaiting trial.

Abubakar Sidiq Usman

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