June 29, 2022

Kamal has been living with Fatima since he left the village and he has been doing all sorts of menial jobs for her. Fatima has succeeded in turning him into her errand boy and sex toy and she in exchange gives him food and accommodates him in her house. She goes out and sleeps out as she wishes and he dares not say a word, else she would threaten to throw him out and he will always keep quiet because he doesn’t have anywhere to stay in Abuja.

Fatima: “Kamal! Kamal!”

Kamal: “Yes, I am coming”

Fatima: “What took you so long? Where did you keep your ear that I had to call you twice before you answered?”

Kamal: “I am sorry; I was making the eba you requested”.

Fatima: “Are you okay at all? Who are you making the eba for? Was it not semo I asked you to make for me?”

Kamal: “Okay, I am sorry. I will eat the eba and make the semo for you right away”

Fatima: “Get me cold water, bottled water o, remember that the sachet water is for you since you are not contributing anything to this house. Don’t allow me see you drinking out of my bottled water”.

Kamal is still in the kitchen making the eba for Fatima when chief walks in.

Chief: “So you are the bastard that has been sharing the same food with me right? No wonder, I saw the way Fatima was behaving when I walked in without calling her and I knew that something is amiss.” As he is talking, Fatima rushes into the kitchen.

Fatima: “What are you doing in the kitchen, now Chief? I told you to wait for me in the sitting room for me to get dressed. Why did you walk in here?”

Chief: “What is this small boy doing in your house? Is he one of the people servicing you apart from me?”

Fatima: “Chief! How can you even think of a thing like that? He is my houseboy?”

Kamal: “Fatima! Me, your house boy?”

Fatima: “Shut up your mouth. Who do you think you are?”

Chief: “I see that the guy is doing more than just house work for you. Boys!”

Two hefty men come in from the sitting room. “Bundle this bastard and throw him into the boot of the car”. Chief orders. “Yes, sir”, they chorus. They grab Kamal who is pleading for mercy, ties him up and lock him up in the boot of the car”.


Amina goes into her room and cries out her life. She had just finished having a rough time with her parents who insisted that she marries Ismail after she told them about his health challenges.

Mama Amina: “You must marry him o, what is your business with his health? It is better they say you got married and your husband died than for them to say that you have never married before”.

Baba Amina: “Amina, what kind of a problem is this? Why do you want to bring so much shame and disgrace on us? It’s just 7days to your wedding and you say it’s over? What do you want us to tell all those that we have invited?”

Amina:”I don’t care what you people think. I am calling off the wedding”.

Mama Amina: “God Forbid, you won’t try it. You must marry him, if not this house no go contain me and you”.

On her bed, she begins to think of all the good times she had with Ismail and how he was good to her, she is confused, should she accept him even with the health challenges or should she go ahead and call off the wedding. She picks up her phone to dial his number but something in her stops her from pressing the dial button.

Quickly her mind dashes to the last experience she had with a spiritualist, a pastor; a gross one. On this day, she is seen going through her Facebook page and she bumps into a suggested page. A Pastor’s page. What makes her one of his victims is the posting of getting her husband, she reads a testimony by a member called Nkechi and who claims she found a husband after a supernatural encounter courtesy of the Pastor’s prayers.

Amina: “At last, I have seen a place I’d get solutions!”

In a flash, she scribbles down the address of the place. In two days’ time, she locates there. She meets a mammoth crowd in the church and joins the long hours of prayers.  She visits the church during one of the programs tagged, “Anointed Cucumber Service!” And like others she is given a cucumber, saying,

Pastor: “These cucumbers are anointed, eat them after four days!”the Pastor says. On the fourth day, she has a one on one counseling session with him and she notices it that during prayer session, he touches her uncomfortable. The touches arouses her but she tells herself that, that is part of the processes, “on Friday night it’s your personal village!” and it is the Friday night that almost cost her life.  During the vigil at exactly 2 in the morning, he starts taking off her raiment’s. Like a dummy she lets him until she is barely naked.

Amina: Pastor is this part of the redemption? She asked

Pastor: Yes my Daughter, it is! Holy Spirit is moving now, Holy Spirit is perfecting his work on you. Just stay and watch. Amina’s eyes widened and her lips parted wondering what the heck was going on.

The Pastor slowly brought his lips to hers and kissed her while he was there trying to be as gentle as ever, he grabbed her and they both fell on the Anointed Mat. His hands were all over her, dragging at her t-shirt and reaching for her bare body. Amina moaned with each kiss, her sexual voice filling the Pastor ears and fueling his desire. Amina forgot what she came for, reached for his crotch and squeezed his enlarged “shaft”.  The Pastor reached for her boobs and squeezed them through her bra.

He fondled her hard nipples just as she squeezed back his “shaft”. The whole Anointing room was heated up, like they both wanted to tear each other apart.

Why she refuses to protest when he starts caressing her remains a mystery to her. He sleeps with her calling it part of the miracle session. This particular session takes longer than even the prayer session. She discovers that she is pregnant months after and almost lost her life during abortion. After the Pastor’s experience she vows never to have looked for any spiritual solutions again! Never!

She tosses on the ground, something keeps pushing her to call Ismail’s number.

Question: Should Amina go ahead and marry Ismail irrespective of his health challenges? Will Ismail die in two months as the doctors predicted? What will Chief do to Kamal? Will he survive it?

Names have been changed to protect the identity of the narrator and other individuals in the story.

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