May 29, 2023

I acted in public interest— Malami

The Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, yesterday, his broke silence on the allegation that he spearheaded the recall, promotion and posting of Maina to the Ministry of Interior.

Malami, who grudgingly spoke to Vanguard, last night, said he would rather respond to the avalanche of allegations against him when he formally appears before the Senate, which had summoned him to speak on his role on the entire saga.

Malami, who did not make reference to anyone, none the less, described the allegations made against him as ‘a grand conspiracy and mischief’ but did not explain who the conspirators were and what the mischief was.

Pressed to clear himself of the weighty allegations, Malami said: “I am a legal practitioner, who is always guided by law and public interest and will therefore not do anything that deviates from the law or breaches public interest. “I believe that Nigerians are entitled to know the truth in the entire saga and I am ready to speak directly to them when I appear before the Senate sinceI have been summoned by the legislature, which is investigating the matter. “I will not however talk until I get clearance from my principal on the matter and I look forward to addressing anxious Nigerians on the matter when I appear before the Senators,” the minister said.


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