October 4, 2022

Sokoto State Governor and frontline Presidential aspirant under the PDP, Aminu Tambuwal, has submitted his presidential nomination form at the party secretariat, promising to lift the country if given the ticket and elected as president.

Speaking shortly after submitting his nomination and Expression of interest forms, the Governor said the he decided to submit his form and continue his quest to pick the ticket of my PDP because of the overwhelming support Nigerians have shown his aspirations.

Represented by Dr. Nicholas Msheliza, Tambuwal said, “Consensus is a good thing. is healthy for the party. Our prayer, I’m thinking is that the consensus will favor him. So far he is the frontline aspirants, our thinking our prayer and hope is that the consensus will go his way.”

He also said, “We are happy to state here that the support, encouragement while he consulted widely has been very overwhelming and for the fact that he is one presidential candidate that has traversed over the 360 Federal constituencies of this country gives him an edge.

“He knows the demography and the geography of this country. He knows the problem of this country. He is the actual unifier. He is the bridge builder. He’s so humble. And he is such a person that is so energetic and vibrant also that can be trusted to forge partnership and alliances and rescue and build this nation from where we have found ourselves today. “

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