May 31, 2023

General Sani Mohammed Abacha, the most popular Kanuri person in the world was arguably regarded as the most patient man on earth. 

A man of diminutive stature: just 5feet 4inches. You would be thoroughly stupefied at his height. A man of fire, iron and steel. The General lorded absolute power and unbridled authority over 120 million souls. Not even Generals dared cross his path. Those who did knelt and wept before him while he offered them tissue paper to wipe their salty tears. Not even a plea from the Pope could melt his heart. 
Mandela begged him to no avail. Then, in a resigning tone, Mandela described him as an arrogant brute. No one messed with Abacha. He was gentle. Listening. Cunning. Daring. Attentive. Dangerous. Brave. Abacha was Brutal.
It will thrill you that for all his evils, he accepted who and what he was. Indeed, the history of Nigeria is incomplete without a succinct recourse to the man Sani Mohammed Abacha.
To some he is a hero, to others he is a tyrant. To many more, he just had flaws that he was too carefree about protecting. Many believe there are worst administrations than that of Sani Abacha. They just succeeded to push fresh sands over traces of their corrupt feet, thereby covering their tracks to extinction. Golden question is, who was Sani Abacha to you?#InsideArewa 

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