March 26, 2023

By Barrister Mariya Shittu 

  • An educated woman is a treasure, a virtue, a self made teacher not only to her children but to the community at large

Female child education. 

Education is the art of learning ideas, skills, knowledge as well as judgement. A female is simply means a specie of a feminine gender or sex. 

Female education literally refers to imparting of knowledge, skills, ideas to a particularly a female.

Until the middle of the 19th century females or girls are only educated only for traditional household works, but now we are witnessing changes, because female education is one of the wisest investment as far as education is concern. 

Education of girl child is not only important but should be imperative  as well because it heightens women awareness regarding the role they play in the community and society.

 Education of female lead to greater self esteem and self confidence and opens up new, horizons and making them able in discovering their own potential.

The first person to benefit from the  female education is the female herself as an individual, then the positive effects are also felt by her family, (parents, her husband, her children), the community, society and even the country at large.

Becauae An educated woman is a treasure a virtue, a self made teacher not only to her children but to the community at large. They said education of a child starts right from the laps of his or her mother, that’s to say children learned from the educated mother at an early stage. A renowned scholar narrated that, before he was weaned he memorised one third of the holy Quran, as his mother use to recite some verses of the Holy Quran while breastfeeding him. 

And again, we should be aware that there should not be discrimination in educating a girl and a boy if they are not put on equal footing then there shouldn’t be balance. When the prophet (SAW) enjoined us to seek knowledge he didn’t specify that only girls or boys should seek for knowledge but he said upon all. 

From the foregoing we can deduce that it will be no exaggeration to say girl child education should be given more priority than the boy’s. Though parents are now not exhibiting disparity with respect to educating their children.Another thing to note is that, Only woman could endeavor to teach, correct, take care of the child, impart discipline, skills and other knowledge she may have possessed.All these will not be possible if the mother is not educated.

A female that’s educated is different from the one that’s not, even with respect to her dealings with husband, parents, neighbors and even her friends and colleagues at work. It doesn’t necessarily mean that an educated woman most work to prove her importance, she can engage in business as well to help in the upkeep of the house. 

Another important is that, an educated woman will always rise up against discrimination from her gender center part. And could be able to fight for justice where she feels infringed.And could be able to rise against oppression and maltreatment either from a fellow man, at work or at home.

Women are home makers agreed, and proper running of every institution has to be done adequately only when requisite skills toward that is learn which can be learned formally or  Informally.Gone are the days where women belongs to only the kitchen and the level of credibility or intelligence of woman is only based on how good she can cook, how neatly she can keep the house as well as well she can warm a man’s bed. Now we are in the era where girl child education will never be over emphasize no matter what importance it’s been given. 

Lastly I urged and encourage my fellow women wherever to please endeavor to help keep the flag of awareness towards girl child education flying. Let’s us tell our parents education of girl child is imperative and therefore on no account should a girl be denied her fundamental 

right to education.

As this will help improve the overall condition of women society. We hope for better days when all women and girls of our country will be enlightened and educated.

Barrister Mariya Shittu is a mother, daughter and girl child education ADVOCATE. 

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