March 26, 2023

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Dear respected Sisters, don’t confuse yourself with the above heading, is just what came to my mind while trying to make this short & concise reminder. Which first in my life, not hope to be last.

The little I’ve garnered in Love relationship is to “Love Your Love true Love as You Live Before He LEAVE”, Love Your partner with pure and purest heart, show all you can to make him believe that you really love him, don’t act smart or think wiser not to show what you really feel about him.

Life is short my dearest Sisters, but it’s very shorter for those who cheated on their partners, by not showing them who they really are to them, till after they Leave.
“After departure” or “after he leave” I don’t really mean after “Break Up”, though I might mean that, but I mean after he’s gone, which can happen in many ways, and that’s when you’ll realize how stupid you are for not exposing your heart to him.

Lastly, my sister, don’t be stingy, do it, and show what your partner really mean to you, because;

Only that will culminate long and lasted happiness in you as you are with him or otherwise.
Only that will save you from having regrettable thoughts and Ignis fatuus about being with him in the first place.
Only that will make you proud of whom you really are when you are with him, irrespective of how it ends.
Only that will make him think how stupid he is for loosing you in his life.
Only that will stop you from having Palpitation when you heard his name or saw his girl.

Only that will make him/her think about you when he read or heard about Good characters & attitudes in choosing a life partner.

Always stay blessed.

Watch out for next episode

“Life Experience” No. 1.
✍Sauderh Ibrahim

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